Alex Otti: Ferdinand Ekeoma’s Tirade on Abia and Political Parasitism of a Frustrated Serial Loser (Part 2)


It is a known fact that Peter Obi is a frugal administrator, whose stock in trade is cutting wastages in government. This singular act was what helped him to plug so many loopholes through which the Government of Anambra State was losing money. But can this also be said of Alex Otti? Something can be deduced from his days at Diamond Bank, where he once reigned supreme as the chief executive officer. If Diamond Bank was managed in the manner that Peter Obi preaches effective management of resources, perhaps it would have been standing as one of the banks in Nigeria today. Would it have been absorbed by Access Bank which started operations only a year earlier than her?

As you chew on that, it is also on record that the Obi-dient Movement connotes a youth-driven imitative devoid of any bigotry, but can this hold true of Alex Otti, whose time at the bank reeked of appointing his key allies into strategic positions in the bank, which produced an Arochukwu born protégé named Michael Akpara?

The activities of Alex Otti at the bank is the only mirror with which Abia people can judge him, because that is the only structured stage, where he has worked as a chief executive akin to his governorship aspiration of a state. Therefore a monumental failed banker, whose only interest in leadership is to encourage capital flight cannot be trusted with the coffers of a state.  

So many followers of Peter Obi are absorbed in his humility, which was why as a governor he moved about in very lean convoys to save state resources, while flying economy class and carrying his hand luggage, but Alex Otti remains one of the most flamboyant bank chief executive officers in Nigeria, who maintained a retinue of aides while in office, and has been accused of snubbing even his classmates in Abia who had made entreaties to get him to contribute money to refurbish some dilapidated buildings in his alma mater. Otti would easily answer such calls today, because elections are around the corner, but the people know the motive behind his fake philanthropic gestures through a Ponzi scholarship scheme.

Again, after building a massive house in Arochukwu clearly written “ No place like home”, he would soon build another mansion in Umuru Nvosi, Isiala Ngwa south where he has lived as a tenant from childhood, but driven by the zoning of the 2015 governorship seat to Ukwa Ngwa area by the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the state. In his Arochukwu country home, Otti an employee of a bank is alleged to have built a helicopter helipad, where it’s also alleged he ferry females’ on weekend rendezvous’ with a helicopter, a thing Peter Obi cannot do. Abians cannot allow Otti near the government house to fund his temptation with the state resources.

As we march towards the general elections in 2023, let it be known that Labour Party, does not connote being ‘Obidient’ as some are there, just like parasites to ‘steal’ from the goodwill Peter Obi currently portrays. Abia people must be mindful of such candidates and nip their intentions in the bud.

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