Alleged 12 Billion Naira Loan, Our Approach Of Spewing Spurious Allegations Will Not Help Us The Opposition – Obinna Oriaku


The immediate past Commissioner for Finance Mr Obinna Oriaku has added his voice to alleged 12 Billion Naira loan accusation been spewed by one fugitive Mezie Abia.

According Chief Obinna Oriaku, who made the disclosure in a popular WhatsApp platform Abia Infrastructure Movement (AIM) the approach of the opposition resorting to use unsubstantiated accusations against the ruling party can’t help them as there are better ways to drag out the Government.

Mr Oriaku later debunked the allegations as been unfounded and lacks merit.

The Message reads

I have intervened in the past concerning some of these unsubstantiated stories .

I cautioned that this approach of adding frivolous stories will not help our opposition. There are alot of verifiable facts that can use used to pin down this administration instead of throwing dust approach.

Ojukwu said because am involved ” since I was the Commissioner of finance during that glorious era of Okezie administration…2015 to 2019.

When this writer first published this fly over story on a platform which I share with him..I was quick to call him to order and encouraged our opposition to be more focused on verifiable issues.

I signed off on the contract document of that fly over which was at 4.3b as then Commissioner for finance and until I left govt there was no variation to best of my knowledge. There is no connection between Arthur Eze and that job..I cautioned the writer on deformation of character if Eze Ukpoo decides to fish him out.

We can also argue on 4.3b cost but not 14b biko nu. Am not in any way saying there may not be financial infractions on other subjects but let’s be real so that people can take opposition serious in the days ahead.

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